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Mobile Apps have taken over just about everything in our every day lives.
Reposystems has implemented a product that bailiffs can use on the iPhone or Android devices called GPS DNA (patent pending) that will allow them to be notified when they are near an address that a unit may be located.   In addition, an automatic update will be entered into the RepoSystems account guaranteeing a visit by the bailiff or it's agents.(additional fee required)

We have also created an app that has all the features of our mobile GPS DNA app for the PC.  An added feature of the PC app is the ability to create zones and specialized routing capabilities, giving the bailiff the ability to create optimized routes, saving on fuel etc. (additional fee required)

We also have s standard app that will work on all mobile devices that allows an agent to create updates and work the accounts assigned to them.  This app is included with the subscription fee.
All mobile apps can be downloaded at their respective app stores, search for RepoSystems Canada to get the correct app for the Canada database.